Written by Violette de Gaulle

I wake up this morning
And what do I see?
Grey clouds in the sky
Black crows in a tree.

Where is the sun
That shines brightly and hot?
Why is it hiding
Or sleeping, or what?

Some raindrops start falling
Beating like drums,
The wind blows in rhythm
A song, as it hums.

I look out the window
And wish I could be…
A duck or a frog,
Instead of just me!

I would then go outside
And jump in a puddle
All muddy and slimy,
What glorious muddle!

Now, the rain stops,
Grey clouds become white
The dust’s chased away
The world’s clean and bright!

A rainbow appears
In the sky up above,
I gaze at the magic
With wonder and love.



written by Violette de Gaulle

Caterpillar green
On leaves to be seen

Eating all day long
Aiming to be strong…

Becoming worn out
Needing a hideout

Waiting for a change
Time to re-arrange…

Asleep in a cocoon
Re-emerging soon

As a butterfly…
And soar to the sky

On wings poised for flight,
With colours so bright.