Good morning

Good morning…

Written by Violette de Gaulle

Top of the Morning and Greetings to you
I hope the rays of the sun will warmly show through
The cloudy forecast announced for today –
Resulting in smiles……and not dismay!

With patience and hope so strong in our minds
We look to the sky and what do we find?
A parting of clouds, a chink of bright blue
And a golden ray shining….our wish has come true!


Woodland beauty…

Woodland beauty

Written by Violette de Gaulle

The sun was hot, the breeze was free
As a bird that sang on a nearby tree
Which stood tall and proud with roots I could see
Among fallen leaves on the ground, for company.

Tufts of grass and some shoots are spied peeping through
The rich soil full of goodness and purpose with view
For encouragement, nourishment, care and a hue
Of bright hope for new life to grow wondrous and true.

A fox in the distance is running and chasing
Two fleeing rabbits… suddenly facing
An earthy round entrance, a sanctuary embracing
Their burrow, safe home at last… their lives encasing.

Enchanting, endearing, in circles I found
Clusters of toadstools all scattered around
Wearing caps coloured crimson with white spots all abound
Throughout the lush woodland – the magic is sound!

Hyperbole Hustles

Hyperbole Hustles

written by Violette de Gaulle

Expressions of thoughts and stories
Recountals by raconteurs conveyed
Encapsulating smiles
Exaggerating styles
……………..Attracting attention.

Six thousand years ago, I thought
That the moon was moulded of cheese
Ludicrous notion
Preposterous emotion
………………Humorous prognosis.

A spider as big as a gargantuan mastodon
Glared from its lair in the bathroom
Amplified proportion
Terrified contortion
………………Desired denouement.

Not many can afford a yacht or indeed a Lamborghini..
Gazillions of dollars are needed to
satisfy that whim..
Ridiculous proclamation
Delirious observation
………………Vigorous accomplishment.

Much kudos to the English language…
The power of phrasing with words,
Love it, embrace it, apply it, exploit it
Embellishing monologues
Embroidering apologues
………………Enriching anecdotes.

Another new day…

Another new day!

written by Violette de Gaulle

A blank canvas created in our minds by the dreams of the night
Abundance of spaciousness for fresh thoughts and ideas
Urging and prompting a bud into bloom from our psyche
Flourishing a sapient seed long ago planted,
Abandoned deep within ourselves.

Guided by a robin bursting its heart with a song so poignant yet powerful…

Unlock your door, open it wide…
Your room is big enough and anxious to be filled.
So, welcome…
Welcome and greet the day!!

A Friend In Need..


A Friend In Need, Is A Friend Indeed

written by Violette de Gaulle

A positive outlook, I hear them say
Banish all gloom – right out of the way.
Feel the rays of the sun, hear the song of the birds,
Open your heart to the wind and take in the words.
As it sweeps through the land and clears out the burrs
Of unsensitive deposits left all around
Causing vexatious thoughts in deep crevices found,
Which eventually come to the surface to perish…
Oh where are those warming attributes to cherish?

A friend who listens, trying to see
Who observes your soul as it struggles to flee
And guides it back gently to where it should be
And helps cure your troubles with ideas and distractions,
Encouragements, humour and constructive attractions.
Such a friend who is selfless, who judges you not
Is to be treasured and valued a lot
For the rest of your life you have a saviour so dear
Suddenly –  you have nothing else left to fear.

* Dedicated to my dear friend and inspiration.

Best wishes…

Best wishes…

written by Violette de Gaulle

Greetings, my dearest friend,
How do you do?
Hope everything is tickety-boo with you.
May the rays of the sun conquer your heart
And encourage good vibes right from the start!

Let the birds sing, despite the freeze,
Spiders’ webs, swaying in the breeze.
Creatures exploring surrounding domains
A sunlit new day, after the rains!