Written by Violette de Gaulle

I wake up this morning
And what do I see?
Grey clouds in the sky
Black crows in a tree.

Where is the sun
That shines brightly and hot?
Why is it hiding
Or sleeping, or what?

Some raindrops start falling
Beating like drums,
The wind blows in rhythm
A song, as it hums.

I look out the window
And wish I could be…
A duck or a frog,
Instead of just me!

I would then go outside
And jump in a puddle
All muddy and slimy,
What glorious muddle!

Now, the rain stops,
Grey clouds become white
The dust’s chased away
The world’s clean and bright!

A rainbow appears
In the sky up above,
I gaze at the magic
With wonder and love.

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