Woodland beauty…

Woodland beauty

Written by Violette de Gaulle

The sun was hot, the breeze was free
As a bird that sang on a nearby tree
Which stood tall and proud with roots I could see
Among fallen leaves on the ground, for company.

Tufts of grass and some shoots are spied peeping through
The rich soil full of goodness and purpose with view
For encouragement, nourishment, care and a hue
Of bright hope for new life to grow wondrous and true.

A fox in the distance is running and chasing
Two fleeing rabbits… suddenly facing
An earthy round entrance, a sanctuary embracing
Their burrow, safe home at last… their lives encasing.

Enchanting, endearing, in circles I found
Clusters of toadstools all scattered around
Wearing caps coloured crimson with white spots all abound
Throughout the lush woodland – the magic is sound!

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